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Bistro Sloppy Joes

I almost didn’t want to name this “sloppy joe”, because it’s so different from the regular one.

Sloppy joes taste so much better when you use crusty bread instead of soft buns.

The “soft meat x soft bun” combination simply doesn’t work for me.

So first, I go get the right bread.

Lunch is served!

The main ingredients of the filling are tofu and eggplant.

But I also snuck in some other things, like a lot of veggies (garlic, onion, red pepper, celery).

Isn’t it what moms do to make their kids eat veggies?

This works at our house, too (not with kids, but with hubby, though (lol)).

With the baguette and everything, this sandwich is somewhat an adult version, but it’s still “sloppy”, so it gets messy.

But it’s delicious, and definitely approved by both my husband and I.

By the way, I finally had hair cut a few weeks ago after waiting too long, like 9 months!

I’m happy that I found a salon nearby and the stylist did a great job.

As per her recommendation, I bought this oil and I absolutely love it.

My hair is thick and often looked heavy, but with this oil my hair looks dimensional and better than ever.

Plus, it smells great.

Happy Saturday evening.

Stay warm.

I’ts snowing and super foggy here in MN today.

Potato Broccoli Manicotti with Basil Cream

There is something about stuffed pasta.

It’s fun to make and fun to eat.

I like shells.

But this time I decided to go with manicotti.

I know cheese is usually used for stuffing and also for finishing the dish.

But my manicotti was stuffed with delicious garlicky potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms.

I like to cook them until the pasta gets slightly brown and crunchy.

They were finished with basil cream.

Served with tomato sauce.

As you can see, I cut the pasta in half so that they stand nicely and look nice.

Or you can place them like these too.

I loved them so much.

The combination of tomato and basil is nothing new, but when presented and matched with other interesting items like this one, the dish becomes pretty awesome.

Veggie Bento Box

Bento Box.

Made with lots of veggies.

Miso Konjac.

Curry Teriyaki Renkon Lotus Slices.

These are just a few dishes you will find in this bento box.

You can have them on a plate.

But it’s just so much fun to put them in a bento box.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Valentine’s Sushi Cupcakes

Yes, you read it right.

These look like sweet cupcakes decorated with pink frosting.

But these are savory “SUSHI” cupcakes!

I know, I should just make regular cupcakes.

But you know me.

I always want to do something a bit different when it comes to a big event like this.

The brown rice was colored and flavored with pickled radish and its juice.

The “frosting” was mainly made of pureed garbanzo beans and pickled beet.

Isn’t this just lovely?!

How about a little drizzle of extra love?

It’s wasabi teriyaki sauce, and is perfect for these “cakes”.

By the way these sushi cupcakes are DELICIOUS!!

Terry and I both devoured them.

One of the good things about these sushi cupcakes is that you can still have a dessert (even a cupcake if you want to) after this (lol)!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

Valentine’s Savory Waffles

Celebrating Valentine’s Day a bit early this weekend.

I wanted everything red and pink, and the shocking pink color from beets was added to the waffle batter.

When they were cooked, however, the color somewhat faded, and I ended up with this light pink.

They were still pretty though.

I could have easily go with sweet waffle plate, with fruits and chocolate, but I wanted our breakfast savory.

So the pink waffles were served with beautiful veggies.

Then, it was served with mustard-balsamic glaze drizzle and paprika butter.

Super delicious!!

How are you going to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Sesame Balls

Sesame ball is one of my favorite things I tried while we visited China Town in Yokohama, Japan.

We had lunch at a nice sit-down restaurant.

But we soon regretted because we found out that there were so many delicious street-food options.

We were already so full, but I had to try freshly-made sesame balls that were being sold on the street.

For a long time I thought I couldn’t get the particular flour that is needed to make this type of Asian sweets, but then recently I discovered that “glutenous rice flour” would work.

Glutenous rice flour is easily found at the Thai food section in almost any large Asian grocery store.

So I decided to try; I used glutenous rice flour and all purpose flour both, 1:1.

I made two different kinds: plain and matcha.

Both were stuffed with sweet red bean paste.

I learned this little trick, cooking in an octopus ball pan, instead of deep-frying, online, so it was super easy to make these.

Turned out great, and these were so delicious!

I will definitely make these again.

But maybe fewer, because I overeat!

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