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Category Archives: Lamb

Lamb Herb Stew

Lamb Herb Stew Lunch October 18, 2008 Stew is one of my favorite ways to enjoy lamb. The meat becomes very tender after cooked for hours. Lots of thyme and rosemary give the stew a nice complicated flavor. Please help us promote our blog by clicking on the following button. Thank you. 子羊肉ハーブたっぷりシチュー 昼食 2008年10月18日 子羊肉のシチュー。 […]

Roasted Lamb Platter

Roasted Lamb Platter Dinner October 12, 2008 I was hungry for braised lamb. But I could not find lamb shank that would be perfect for braising. So I decided to make a roast using a lamb leg that I found at Costco. Terry made a sandwich with these lamb slices. I ate these as a […]

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