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Category Archives: Root vegetable

Tofu Patty Bento

I continue to make bento for lunch on the weekend. The star of this bento was shiso (Japanese basil) tofu patties. It’s not that hard to make these, but they taste so good! You can certainly use these to make tofu burgers too, if you want. But this time they were served in this bento […]

Asian Sweet Potato Bento

Another vegan bento box. One of the best things about bento box is that you get to eat various different dishes in one meal. You’re not just eating a burger or a sandwich, but you are eating four to five different dishes. It’s like a course meal but in one box! Yes, in order to […]

Renkon Lotus Tacos

What tacos would you like? Beef? Pork? Or chorizo? Well, when they are not an option for you, don’t be discouraged. There are so many non-meat options out there! You just need to be a bit creative! You have to admit. They look tasty, right? This Renkon lotus tacos rock! Renkon does not have a […]

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