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Category Archives: Sandwich

Tofu Burgers

I love tofu burgers. These are a smaller version, and they look adorable. Perfect for lunch or snack. First, I bake buns. This is me impatiently waiting for buns to be ready. So happy with the result. And I make tofu burgers. These are so easy to make, yet, delicious!! I like tofu burgers better […]

Japanese Red Bean Butter Sweet Sandwiches

In my recent post I talked about how much more aware I’ve become about Japanese food trends since I started using Instagram. The inspiration for this sandwich was also found when I was browsing pictures on Instagram. I was instantly attracted to the red bean butter sandwich served at this cafe in Kyoto, Japan when […]

Pulled JF BBQ Sandwich

BBQ Sandwich with creamy coleslaw. Anyone? Looks good, right? If someone asks what is “JF”, well, it’s the fun part of this dish. There is no meat in this sandwich. The pork-like yummy looking thing is jackfruit! When I first tried jackfruit at this vegan cafe, I was blown away. The look and the texture […]

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