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Category Archives: Sandwich

Harvest Panini

If a sandwich is a good idea, a panini is a great idea. The main ingredient of this panini is this kabocha. I have to confess. This panini was made right after Thanksgiving using the leftover braised kabocha, and I apparently forgot to post it. So you can probably see why the kabocha was accompanied […]

Bistro Sloppy Joes

I almost didn’t want to name this “sloppy joe”, because it’s so different from the regular one. Sloppy joes taste so much better when you use crusty bread instead of soft buns. The “soft meat x soft bun” combination simply doesn’t work for me. So first, I go get the right bread. Lunch is served! […]

Veggie Burger

Happy meatless Monday! It’s not that hard to make a veggie burger at home. You just need a lot of veggies. Chop them up. Saute. Mix with tofu. Doesn’t it look good? Note to myself: Use corn starch to dust both sides and cook over high heat to make the outside including the sides a […]

TLT Sandwich

Everyone loves BLT sandwich. And we love our TLT sandwich. The tempeh was marinated and then baked/broiled until crispy. The “T” is for the tempeh. It’s delicious, and let me tell you I do NOT miss “B”. Isn’t it just beautiful?! For this sandwich I made homemade vegan mayo myself too. We are not big […]

Breakfast Sandwich

When it comes to breakfast, I have never been so sure of what to do. I know people always say it’s the most important meal of the day, but I know a lot of people skip breakfast, and I’m usually just not hungry when I get up. But I’ve been doing some reading about breakfast […]

Tomato Mini Sandwiches

These mini pumpkin rolls were great with vegan butter, but they were also wonderful when made into sandwiches. I absolutely love their orange color. The main ingredient was these beautiful tomatoes I found at the local grocery store. These vine tomatoes look so fresh and alive. I prepared mustard coleslaw. I like my coleslaw fresh […]

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