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Category Archives: Sandwich

Avocado Toast with Crunchy Tempeh and Slaw

I love avocado, and avocado toast is one of favorites. I use my homemade crusty whole wheat bread and toast it lightly. Creamy avocado on crusty toast is so good as it is, but I decided to go a bit further this time. I got crunchy teriyaki tempeh strips and fruity slaw prepared for this […]

Avocado Pita Sandwich

Avocado toast is so popular now. I make avocado toast often myself, too, like this one. I was in a mood for avocado, but something a bit different. I had freshly home-made pita bread, and I thought it would be a fun to make a pita sandwich to feature avocado, like the avocado toast. What […]

Portobello Philly Sandwich

Philly or cheese steak sandwich was never on top of my list, but it was one of Terry’s favorite sandwiches. So I thought it would be fun to make it with portobello mushrooms. You don’t want to be skimpy with mushrooms. Then sauteed onion and green peppers go on top of the mushrooms. And here […]

Tofu Portabella Banh Mi

I like Banh Mi but it’s not very easy to find a good one. However, the Asian grocery store 10 minute from our house recently opened a deli inside the store, and I found their Banh Mi quite tasty. The one reason I was not 100% satisfied was that they only serve the meat version. […]

BBQ Tofu Sandwich

A sandwich made with homemade whole wheat bread, BBQ tofu steak, cumin mango slaw, and fresh spinach. Slice, cut the crust off, and toast. Spinach on one slice. Spinach, BBQ tofu steak, and cumin mango slaw on the other. Flavorful and tasty. Simply a great lunch sandwich!

BBQ Tempeh Sandwich

The first time I tried tempeh I didn’t like it. The second and the third time I didn’t like it either. So I stopped trying. I didn’t think I would ever try tempeh again, and I didn’t eat it for several years. Then a few months ago Terry had BBQ Tempeh Picnic Sandwich at Mendocino […]

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