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Category Archives: Soup

Veggie Shoyu Ramen

I know that a lot of people do not like change in their plan. I’m usually a pretty relaxed person (I think) but when it comes to food, I have a very hard time with change in a plan. When we have a plan to go to a specific restaurant, I study their menu thoroughly […]

Seitan Chili with Blackened Corn

Chili is a quick and easy dish I can put together with what I have in the fridge. I recently bought seitan and I wanted to use it for something, and I thought chili would be a good idea. I’ve had an interesting relationship with seitan. Seitan probably has the texture the closest to real […]

Bukkake Soba

What do you serve with your soba noodles? When you cannot decide what to do, how about making “Bukkake-Soba”? Bukkake means “pile up everything” in Japanese, and that’s what I did for my lunch. The main players were sauteed eggplant and zucchini, but the supporting players are also important. These are some of my favorite […]

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