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Category Archives: Seafood

Smoked Trout Sandwich

It’s hard to find fresh fish in the Midwest, but I do like fish. So I often go for smoked fish, and trout is one of my favorites. The beautiful smoked trout along with tomatoes, spinach, and coleslaw were sandwiched between two toasted multi-grain bread slices. This was delicious! If you like fish, or simply […]

NABE Hot Pot

Yes, it’s the time of the year for NABE, or Japanese hot pot. When we moved to the condo in the city from the house in the suburbs a few years ago, one of the thing we did was downsizing. A big one. Well, we had over 3500 square feet in the house and we […]

Japanese Seafood Risotto

A famous Japanese cookbook author has once said home cooking is like a soap opera. A story has to flow from one day to the next. What she wanted to say is that some part of tonight’s meal can be (and often needs to be) used as a base and made into another dish for […]

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