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Category Archives: Breakfast

Strawberry French Toast

I love strawberries and I like to use them for anything everything when they are in season. So why not for french toast? It’s very simple. I just added pureed fresh strawberries to my french toast egg mixture (eggs, soy milk). You coat the bread with the strawberry egg mixture and let it soak. Delicious! […]

Japanese Souffle Pancakes (Success!)

If you’ve been following my blog, you probably know that we’ve been working on Japanese Souffle Pancakes for a while. Well, I’m happy to announce that we finally did it! This is Terry inspecting the quality, or admiring it (lol). These got the height, the shape, the softness, the smooth edge, and the wonderful souffle […]

Strawberry Soup

I like fruit and I like the idea of smoothie, but I tend to like my beverage warm, not cold. Especially in the morning I like to eat/drink something that warms up my body. So here is my solution. Strawberry soup! And it’s served hot. The soup is even served with toppings! Cinnamon cardamom croutons […]

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