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Mocha Pancakes with Salted Caramel Maple Syrup

Happy weekend everyone! We decided to have pancakes for breakfast the night before. These mocha pancakes are beautiful. It’s not too shabby for weekend breakfast, is it? Some of you might have noticed the dark color of the syrup, but this maple syrup from Trader Joe’s is “salted caramel infused”. When we saw it we […]

Matcha Oatmeal

I’m new to the oatmeal scene. It was not something on my breakfast list for many many years, even after I came to the U.S. But I started eating oatmeal more, mostly because I realized it’s an easy to prepare “hot” meal. I mostly like my food/drinks hot rather than cold. I go for hot […]

Pumpkin Chai Spice Waffles

Making something with pumpkin is almost a must in this season. There are pumpkin-something everywhere, from pumpkin flavored coffee, pumpkin scented candles, to actual pumpkins. So I decided to make pumpkin chai spice waffles for the weekend breakfast, trying to keep up with seasonal trend. I cooked Kabocha squash/pumpkin myself, mashed it, and added to […]

Spinach Bagels

My first bagels were so successful that I couldn’t wait to make more. This time I decided to make something green. Yep, this is a spinach version. I used to love bagels, but I didn’t eat bagels for many many years. The plumpness and the chewy texture… I feel like I’m falling in love with […]

Stuffed Corn Cakes: Mushroom and Apple

Since I liked these corn cakes so much that I decided to make more. These corn cakes are so versatile, and you can’t go wrong with any filling, but this time I made two versions: mushroom and apple. I also made two different apple versions. One was (↑)a combination of apples, dried cranberries, and cinnamon. […]

Kon-Sai Soup

This soul-warming vegetable-packed soup definitely reminds me of home. Kon-Sai means root vegetables in Japan. One of the root vegetables in this soup is Daikon radish. I found this beauty at the local farmers market. This is called konjac and it’s a popular ingredient of this type of soup. Konjac is not a root vegetable […]

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