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Thanksgiving 2016

Happy Thanksgiving! This year our family got together at my brother-in-law’s house for dinner. All the main dishes were prepared by the host, so the others pitched in bringing side dishes and condiments. We volunteered to bring a salad and buns. So, here they are. These buns were just out of the oven! It was […]

4th of July 2016

It’s always nice to get together at my mother-in-law’s lake cabin. But it does feel a bit special on 4th of July. A bean bag toss game was on. I’ve never played it myself, but by watching others play, I did learn how to count points today. The lake was surprisingly calm and quiet today. […]

Pineapple Blueberry Upside Down Cake パイナップルブルーベリーアップサイドダウンケーキ

I don’t know what got into my head, but all of a sudden I decided to make a pineapple upside down cake. There is nothing wrong with it, because I like pineapple. But the thing is pineapple upside down cake has never been my favorite. It’s overly decorative and seems too old-fashioned to me. But […]

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス!

Happy Thanksgiving!

My brother-in-law and his wife kindly invited us to their house for Thanksgiving dinner today. They made both turkey and ham as a main dish and the guests brought side dishes. The dinner was a feast!! 今年も感謝祭がやってきました。義兄宅にお呼ばれして、行って来ました。確か昨年も義兄宅だったような。感謝祭というと、七面鳥が主役ですが、義兄宅はいつも通り、七面鳥とハム、両方用意してくれていました。義姉はマッシュポテトも作っていてくれたのですが、後は持ち寄りです。豪華な夕食となりました。

Grilled Summer Squash Rolls

Grilled Summer Squash Rolls Here is the Summer Squash Project No.2.

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