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Category Archives: Vegan

Strawberry Red Bean Crepes

Once in a while I get craving for crepes. Actually I know exactly when it comes: whenever I hear the name, Julia Child. At the end of the last year my sister was visiting us from Japan, and the night before she left we watched “Julie and Julia”, and it did it to me. The […]

French Toast with Paprika Butter and Rosemary Orange Syrup

I haven’t had decent french toast for a long time. Well, the main reason why I wanted to have french toast was that Terry sent me a picture of french toast that his colleague was having at a restaurant during his business trip. Terry was not able to have the french toast because it was […]

Stuffed Shells

I was thinking about making something totally different. But that didn’t happen for so many reasons, and it ended up like this. But I didn’t complain. This is what they looked like when the shells were stuffed. Can you tell what was inside? Well, the filling was a mixture of different things, but one of […]

Veggie Inari Sushi

Inari Sushi is sushi rice packed in a fried soy-curd pouch. The soy-curd pouch is cooked already in sweet soy-based sauce, and it is tasty as it is. But I decided to dress them up a little bit. But first the rice. I used brown rice. I just used whatever the veggies I had in […]

Macaroni and V Cheese with Basil Sauce

I usually prefer long pasta to short pasta, but I do love macaroni. Who can resist this combination of adorable-looking macaroni and creamy (V) cheese?! Well, I can’t. I like my macaroni and V cheese with a lot of freshly ground black pepper. It even gets better when you drizzle basil sauce on top. But […]


This was my first time making and tasting Ama-zake. The literal translation of Ama-zake is “sweet Sake”, but it does not contain any alcohol. This is a popular drink in Japan usually served around new year, but I hear that it has become a popular drink and now a lot of people drink it all […]

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