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Category Archives: Vegan

Rice Flour Pullman Bread – Vegan

Not so long ago I made this Rice Flour Pullman Bread. It was my first time to use rice flour for bread and I really liked the texture the rice flour created, and this time I decided to make it vegan and used coconut oil in place of butter and used soy milk instead of […]

Orange Cranberry Cardamom Cookies

We were at a home decor store the other day, and they had some cookies for their customers to try. Terry had a bite and he said it was cardamom cookies and he liked them. I love anything with cardamom and decided to make cardamom cookies myself. Mine has orange zest and dry cranberries along […]

Edamame Veggie Sushi Roll

What do you make when you want to clean up your fridge? Soup is usually my go-to dish in a case like that, but making sushi rolls can be a good way to use up all the things you have in the fridge, too. How beautiful is it? In this sushi roll you’ll find daikon […]

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