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Thai Basil King Mushrooms

We traveled so much this time during our stay in Japan, and we didn’t have a lot of time to spend at my parents’ house. But when we were at their house, I enjoyed my time with my family, and my mom and sister cooked us terrific meals. Our last meal the night before our […]

Hola Arepa

We’ve tried to eat here a few times but every time we were there there was a long line. Today we decided to try again for a late lunch. Finally we were able to get a table without any wait! It’s a casual restaurant. They started as a food truck, and now they have this […]

Stinky but Tasty Tofu Bowl

One of the mysterious things in the culinary world is that some stinky food tastes so good. A good example would be blue cheese. Don’t you agree? Well, in Japan there are a lot of stinky food that are so tasty like the ones you see in this bowl, Natto beans and kimchi. Kimchi, a […]

The French Hen Cafe

We were initially planning to try a restaurant called (The Neighborhood Cafe) for our Christmas Eve brunch. But the place was closed for the pre-holiday. So I found a place called The Uptowner Cafe, but when we called to make sure they were open, we found that they were open only until noon; it was […]

SPAM Sushi

For the readers that have been following my blog the past few years, or even just a few weeks, this is probably not the kind of post you expected. Well, I didn’t expect to have a post like this myself either. But here it is. We visited Austin Minnesota this June. When you go to […]

Japanese Seafood Risotto

A famous Japanese cookbook author has once said home cooking is like a soap opera. A story has to flow from one day to the next. What she wanted to say is that some part of tonight’s meal can be (and often needs to be) used as a base and made into another dish for […]

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