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Hola Arepa

We’ve tried to eat here a few times but every time we were there there was a long line. Today we decided to try again for a late lunch. Finally we were able to get a table without any wait! It’s a casual restaurant. They started as a food truck, and now they have this […]

Stinky but Tasty Tofu Bowl

One of the mysterious things in the culinary world is that some stinky food tastes so good. A good example would be blue cheese. Don’t you agree? Well, in Japan there are a lot of stinky food that are so tasty like the ones you see in this bowl, Natto beans and kimchi. Kimchi, a […]

The French Hen Cafe

We were initially planning to try a restaurant called (The Neighborhood Cafe) for our Christmas Eve brunch. But the place was closed for the pre-holiday. So I found a place called The Uptowner Cafe, but when we called to make sure they were open, we found that they were open only until noon; it was […]

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