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Category Archives: Tofu

Italian “To-sage” Pizza

Italian “To-sage”. Yep, you guessed it. Italian sausage made of tofu. It’s not only possible but also tasty! It takes a few steps to make Italian “To-sauge” First I make Italian sausage flavored tofu “meatballs”. Then I roughly crumblemi them into smaller pieces and fry them until crispy. This is what it looks like as […]

Quad-Color Bento

Yes, it’s okay to make your bento pretty. To make a bento like this you place rice at the bottom and add different colored food on top. This is a popular way to make a bento in Japan. It’s typically called a tri-color bento because you usually have three different colors, but then I realized […]

Tofu Burgers

I love tofu burgers. These are a smaller version, and they look adorable. Perfect for lunch or snack. First, I bake buns. This is me impatiently waiting for buns to be ready. So happy with the result. And I make tofu burgers. These are so easy to make, yet, delicious!! I like tofu burgers better […]

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