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Category Archives: Tofu

Tofu and Portobello Sushi Rolls

Sushi time! This is a tofu version. Teriyaki tofu, cucumber, avocado, lightly pickled carrot, lightly pickled radish, and spinach. I like a lot of veggies in my roll. So, it usually looks like this. Once you know what you are doing, making sushi rolls is not that difficult. The process is actually pretty fun. This […]

Tofu Portabella Banh Mi

I like Banh Mi but it’s not very easy to find a good one. However, the Asian grocery store 10 minute from our house recently opened a deli inside the store, and I found their Banh Mi quite tasty. The one reason I was not 100% satisfied was that they only serve the meat version. […]

Tofu Salad

Soft or firm, which do you prefer? I like both, but for a salad like this, I typically go for the soft tofu. It’s coming toward the end of the week, and I’m beginning to clean the veggie section of our fridge. So, I cut up the veggies I find, and I open a can […]

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