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Category Archives: Tofu

Dragon Lady Avocado Toast

Avocado toast usually ends up like this at our house. You may not be able to see avocado, but it’s there. Here is the proof! I took this picture before putting them on the toasts because I knew they were going to be hidden. Yes. As usual, a lot of veggies go over my avocado […]

Bistro Sloppy Joes

I almost didn’t want to name this “sloppy joe”, because it’s so different from the regular one. Sloppy joes taste so much better when you use crusty bread instead of soft buns. The “soft meat x soft bun” combination simply doesn’t work for me. So first, I go get the right bread. Lunch is served! […]

Veggie Burger

Happy meatless Monday! It’s not that hard to make a veggie burger at home. You just need a lot of veggies. Chop them up. Saute. Mix with tofu. Doesn’t it look good? Note to myself: Use corn starch to dust both sides and cook over high heat to make the outside including the sides a […]

Breakfast Crepes

I don’t make crepes often, but when I do, I really enjoy it. So I though why not having crepes for breakfast? I knew I wanted to make savory version for breakfast. So I started with sauteing garlic, onions, Maitake mushrooms, and peas. I stuffed my crepes with the vegetable filling and then served with […]

Stuffed Shells

I was thinking about making something totally different. But that didn’t happen for so many reasons, and it ended up like this. But I didn’t complain. This is what they looked like when the shells were stuffed. Can you tell what was inside? Well, the filling was a mixture of different things, but one of […]

Tantan Ramen

There are now a handful of restaurants that serve ramen in our neighborhood. But there are still large gaps in quality from one restaurant to another. And it is hard to get a table if you want good quality ramen. I’m happy to see that ramen is becoming popular in the U.S., but it’s also […]

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