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Category Archives: Leaf Vegetabes

Edamame Veggie Sushi Roll

What do you make when you want to clean up your fridge? Soup is usually my go-to dish in a case like that, but making sushi rolls can be a good way to use up all the things you have in the fridge, too. How beautiful is it? In this sushi roll you’ll find daikon […]

Homemade Pasta with Portobello Steak

Lately I’ve been watching my weight a little more carefully, and I don’t eat a large amount of carbs as I used to do. But I love pasta, and if I eat pasta I want something really good. And what’s better than homemade pasta?! This pasta was served with portobello mushroom steak, sauteed spinach, and […]

Ginger White Soup

I can certainly feel that spring is just around the corner, but we still have cold days when I crave for soup. When I make soup, I usually make a big batch because it often seems to taste better the next day. For some reason I wanted to make all white soup. I think it […]

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