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Category Archives: Beans/Lentils

Kabocha Tofu Chili

Chili is one of my favorite dishes to make. Especially since we stopped eating a lot of meat, I’ve become more creative and started experimenting with various ingredients. What I’ve found is that you can’t really go wrong with chili, whatever ingredients you use! This is no-meat Kabocha Tofu Chili. In this chili along with […]

Stinky but Tasty Tofu Bowl

One of the mysterious things in the culinary world is that some stinky food tastes so good. A good example would be blue cheese. Don’t you agree? Well, in Japan there are a lot of stinky food that are so tasty like the ones you see in this bowl, Natto beans and kimchi. Kimchi, a […]

Japanese Red Bean Butter Sweet Sandwiches

In my recent post I talked about how much more aware I’ve become about Japanese food trends since I started using Instagram. The inspiration for this sandwich was also found when I was browsing pictures on Instagram. I was instantly attracted to the red bean butter sandwich served at this cafe in Kyoto, Japan when […]

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