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Category Archives: Beans/Lentils

Triple Green Pot Stickers

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I thought I wouldn’t have any more post today, but our dinner last night happened to be quite appropriate for today’s post. This is definitely not an Irish dish. But I got the color right. When I found this beautiful baby back choy at the local Asian grocery store, I knew […]

Mushroom Strogarbanzoff

Even when you are on a plant-based diet, you can still enjoy classic flavors. I would typically use pureed/creamed cashews or the traditional roux to thicken this type of sauce. But this time I experimented with garbanzo beans (pureed and creamed); I also used some corn starch. I wanted fettucini for this dish, but I […]

Valentine’s Sushi Cupcakes

Yes, you read it right. These look like sweet cupcakes decorated with pink frosting. But these are savory “SUSHI” cupcakes! I know, I should just make regular cupcakes. But you know me. I always want to do something a bit different when it comes to a big event like this. The brown rice was colored […]

Veggie and Lentil Chili

I had several Super Bowl snack ideas, but I couldn’t really come up with anything I loved, and I ended up feeling a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it. Well, we are not going anywhere, and we are not inviting anyone, so it’s going to be just the two of us. So I decided to […]

Strawberry Red Bean Crepes

Once in a while I get craving for crepes. Actually I know exactly when it comes: whenever I hear the name, Julia Child. At the end of the last year my sister was visiting us from Japan, and the night before she left we watched “Julie and Julia”, and it did it to me. The […]

Pina Colada ZENZAI

You may ask, what’s ZENZAI? Well, what you are looking at is NOT the traditional zenzai, but a modified one. Zenzai is a Japanese sweet red bean soup served with Mochi (sticky rice cake), and it’s a popular dish around the new year. My version does have Mochi. When I was growing up, my grandparents […]

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