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Strawberry Latte

I’ve never been a big fan of flavored latte until recently. I like coffee and I do enjoy going to coffee shops, but I almost always order drip coffee (or chai if it doesn’t come from a box). But a few months ago a new coffee shop opened near our house, and the first time […]

Cold Press

99.9% of the things you see on this blog are made by me. But this is one of a few things that are made by my husband in our household. And I love it! Homemade Cold Press Coffee! I don’t know exactly how he makes it, but I know the process involves a few steps. […]

Sparkling Sangria

Although the whole holiday season is over, I’m still in kind of a festive mood. So I quickly grabbed a bottle when I saw sparkling cider still being sold at the local grocery store. This drink is not only tasty but also very pretty! Sparkling Sangria red wine sparkling cider orange slices black berries 1. […]

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