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Category Archives: Bread

Rice Flour Pullman Bread – Vegan

Not so long ago I made this Rice Flour Pullman Bread. It was my first time to use rice flour for bread and I really liked the texture the rice flour created, and this time I decided to make it vegan and used coconut oil in place of butter and used soy milk instead of […]

Rice Flour Pullman Bread

I’ve noticed that rice flour has been popular in Japan the past few years. A lot of recipes with rice flour are everywhere. I’m not sure if it is because more people are interested in the gluten-free diet like in the U.S., but I’m not sure. Based on my casual observation, however, people simply seem […]

Tofu Burgers

I love tofu burgers. These are a smaller version, and they look adorable. Perfect for lunch or snack. First, I bake buns. This is me impatiently waiting for buns to be ready. So happy with the result. And I make tofu burgers. These are so easy to make, yet, delicious!! I like tofu burgers better […]

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