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Category Archives: Pasta/Noodle/Rice

Kabocha Stuffed Shells, Picante!

This is a really fun dish. It’s creamy, crunchy, spicy, and fresh at the same time. The creamy filling was made with Kabocha squash mixed with cashews. Then I topped them off with panko bread crumbs and cooked them until they got crunchy. When it’s pasta, you automatically think “Italian”, but I decided to play […]

Mushroom Strogarbanzoff

Even when you are on a plant-based diet, you can still enjoy classic flavors. I would typically use pureed/creamed cashews or the traditional roux to thicken this type of sauce. But this time I experimented with garbanzo beans (pureed and creamed); I also used some corn starch. I wanted fettucini for this dish, but I […]

Potato Broccoli Manicotti with Basil Cream

There is something about stuffed pasta. It’s fun to make and fun to eat. I like shells. But this time I decided to go with manicotti. I know cheese is usually used for stuffing and also for finishing the dish. But my manicotti was stuffed with delicious garlicky potatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms. I like to […]

Valentine’s Sushi Cupcakes

Yes, you read it right. These look like sweet cupcakes decorated with pink frosting. But these are savory “SUSHI” cupcakes! I know, I should just make regular cupcakes. But you know me. I always want to do something a bit different when it comes to a big event like this. The brown rice was colored […]

Stuffed Shells

I was thinking about making something totally different. But that didn’t happen for so many reasons, and it ended up like this. But I didn’t complain. This is what they looked like when the shells were stuffed. Can you tell what was inside? Well, the filling was a mixture of different things, but one of […]

Veggie Inari Sushi

Inari Sushi is sushi rice packed in a fried soy-curd pouch. The soy-curd pouch is cooked already in sweet soy-based sauce, and it is tasty as it is. But I decided to dress them up a little bit. But first the rice. I used brown rice. I just used whatever the veggies I had in […]

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