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Category Archives: Dessert

Strawberry Red Bean Crepes

Once in a while I get craving for crepes. Actually I know exactly when it comes: whenever I hear the name, Julia Child. At the end of the last year my sister was visiting us from Japan, and the night before she left we watched “Julie and Julia”, and it did it to me. The […]

Pina Colada ZENZAI

You may ask, what’s ZENZAI? Well, what you are looking at is NOT the traditional zenzai, but a modified one. Zenzai is a Japanese sweet red bean soup served with Mochi (sticky rice cake), and it’s a popular dish around the new year. My version does have Mochi. When I was growing up, my grandparents […]

Persimmon Pie

I made these persimmon pies a while ago. I forgot to post it and then realized that this year is almost over. Japanese people tend to associate a lot of food with a certain season, and everyone agrees that persimmon is an autumn food. So I felt I should post this before we go into […]

Local Vegan Sweets

Breakfast Super Cookies

Now I’m an adult, I can basically eat anything I want. Even cookies for breakfast, right?! I just put in all my favorite nuts and dry fruits, etc., to the batter, spread the dough on the pan, and baked it. Tasty! I’ve been bombarded with catalogs the past few weeks, and I’m sure it is […]

Pumpkin Spice Muffin Tops

This was my first time to make muffin tops, but it was so much fun! Elaine is so right about muffin tops (lol). They are the best. The flavor? Pumpkin spice, of course. I didn’t follow any specific recipe, so I was a bit worried, but they turned out great! The texture is just like […]

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