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Category Archives: Dessert

Orange Cranberry Cardamom Cookies

We were at a home decor store the other day, and they had some cookies for their customers to try. Terry had a bite and he said it was cardamom cookies and he liked them. I love anything with cardamom and decided to make cardamom cookies myself. Mine has orange zest and dry cranberries along […]

Cookies (Chocolate Chip/Lemon Lavender)

I like the chewy and soft American style cookies, but once in a while I get craving for my mom’s cookies. These are light and buttery. Using my mom’s recipe as a base, I decided to make two different kinds this time. Chocolate chip cookies and lemon lavender cookies. These cookies are so cute when […]

Raspberry and Blueberry Bouchees

Happy Easter everyone! My today’s post is a bouchee, a bite-sized cake dessert with a sweet cream filling. I used freeze dried raspberries and blueberries both for the mini cakes and the filling to add the berry flavors. So the colors and the flavors are all natural. Nothing artificial. They are not only delicious but […]

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