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Category Archives: Dessert

Pink Grapefruit-Nigori Sake Granita

What’s more refreshing than granita?! Almost any fruit makes great granita, but one of my favorites is grapefruit. I thought it would be fun to make granita for adults, and this time grapefruit was paired up with nigori-sake. I’m not much of a drinker, and although I’m from Japan, sake was always one of my […]

Cinnamon Double Chocolate Nice Cream

Nice cream again! It was such a hot and humid day in Minnesota today. I’m usually not a big ice cream person, but even I crave for one on a day like this. The nice cream was flavored with cinnamon and cocoa. And then semi-sweet chocolate chips were folded in. It’s been about 3 and […]

Vanilla Rum Nice Cream

My first time making nice cream! It’s getting really warm in Minnesota and I though it was time. It was so smooth. Thanks to my trusted Vitamix. My first nice cream was flavored with rum and vanilla. One thing I learned is that nice cream melts really fast. This is a tough one to take […]

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