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Triple Green Pot Stickers

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I thought I wouldn’t have any more post today, but our dinner last night happened to be quite appropriate for today’s post.

This is definitely not an Irish dish.

But I got the color right.

When I found this beautiful baby back choy at the local Asian grocery store, I knew it was time to make pot stickers!

The filling is a mixture of three kinds of green veggies, baby back choy, edamame beans, and scallion, as well as napa cabbage, garlic, and ginger.

I used up all the wrappers from a package, so I probably made about 50 pot stickers last night.

No problem.

My mom and I used to make over 200 for the family of four.

From here to…


It doesn’t take long.

And I enjoy the process.

The only stressful thing was that I was running against the sun.

I didn’t start early, and because I wanted to have them ready for a photo-shoot before the sunset, I had to work really fast.

Natural light is everything for food photography, if you ask me (lol).

They turned out great.

Pot stickers are a popular dish at our house.

Terry now knows how to make the dipping sauce, just the way I (we) like.

We went to see the parade downtown today.

I was really hoping to find cool green food/drink, but I was out of luck.

So this was my lunch home today.

I’m glad that I got to have a food picture taken when I was still in my St.Patrick’s Day outfit.

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