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Bistro Sloppy Joes

I almost didn’t want to name this “sloppy joe”, because it’s so different from the regular one.

Sloppy joes taste so much better when you use crusty bread instead of soft buns.

The “soft meat x soft bun” combination simply doesn’t work for me.

So first, I go get the right bread.

Lunch is served!

The main ingredients of the filling are tofu and eggplant.

But I also snuck in some other things, like a lot of veggies (garlic, onion, red pepper, celery).

Isn’t it what moms do to make their kids eat veggies?

This works at our house, too (not with kids, but with hubby, though (lol)).

With the baguette and everything, this sandwich is somewhat an adult version, but it’s still “sloppy”, so it gets messy.

But it’s delicious, and definitely approved by both my husband and I.

By the way, I finally had hair cut a few weeks ago after waiting too long, like 9 months!

I’m happy that I found a salon nearby and the stylist did a great job.

As per her recommendation, I bought this oil and I absolutely love it.

My hair is thick and often looked heavy, but with this oil my hair looks dimensional and better than ever.

Plus, it smells great.

Happy Saturday evening.

Stay warm.

I’ts snowing and super foggy here in MN today.

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