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Valentine’s Sushi Cupcakes

Yes, you read it right.

These look like sweet cupcakes decorated with pink frosting.

But these are savory “SUSHI” cupcakes!

I know, I should just make regular cupcakes.

But you know me.

I always want to do something a bit different when it comes to a big event like this.

The brown rice was colored and flavored with pickled radish and its juice.

The “frosting” was mainly made of pureed garbanzo beans and pickled beet.

Isn’t this just lovely?!

How about a little drizzle of extra love?

It’s wasabi teriyaki sauce, and is perfect for these “cakes”.

By the way these sushi cupcakes are DELICIOUS!!

Terry and I both devoured them.

One of the good things about these sushi cupcakes is that you can still have a dessert (even a cupcake if you want to) after this (lol)!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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