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Sesame Balls

Sesame ball is one of my favorite things I tried while we visited China Town in Yokohama, Japan.

We had lunch at a nice sit-down restaurant.

But we soon regretted because we found out that there were so many delicious street-food options.

We were already so full, but I had to try freshly-made sesame balls that were being sold on the street.

For a long time I thought I couldn’t get the particular flour that is needed to make this type of Asian sweets, but then recently I discovered that “glutenous rice flour” would work.

Glutenous rice flour is easily found at the Thai food section in almost any large Asian grocery store.

So I decided to try; I used glutenous rice flour and all purpose flour both, 1:1.

I made two different kinds: plain and matcha.

Both were stuffed with sweet red bean paste.

I learned this little trick, cooking in an octopus ball pan, instead of deep-frying, online, so it was super easy to make these.

Turned out great, and these were so delicious!

I will definitely make these again.

But maybe fewer, because I overeat!

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