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Savory Kabocha Oatmeal

It looks like a Christmas meal with the bright green and red colors.

It can be a good meal for Christmas, but it really is a tasty meal any time of the year.

I recently started enjoying oatmeal more regularly.

I usually eat it for breakfast, but I like it so much that I now eat it for lunch and even dinner sometimes as well.

I don’t like to make my oatmeal too sweet, and even for breakfast I usually do not add anything sweet other than maybe a few dry cranberries.

This particular dish was made for lunch and created like risotto rather than a breakfast food.

The Kabocha puree was combined with cooked oatmeal and prepared as a savory dish.

The Kabocha oatmeal was then served with fresh kale, dressed with mustard dressing, fresh pomegranate seeds, and crunchy friend onion.

It was certainly a bit unusual oatmeal bowl for my husband.

He looked somewhat confused when I told him what was in the bowl, but after a few bites, he told me that he surprisingly liked it.

This was definitely a hit for me, and my love for oatmeal continues…

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