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Strawberry Red Bean Crepes

Once in a while I get craving for crepes.

Actually I know exactly when it comes: whenever I hear the name, Julia Child.

At the end of the last year my sister was visiting us from Japan, and the night before she left we watched “Julie and Julia”, and it did it to me.

The reason why I get the craving is probably that I made crepes a lot when I bought her book, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”; didn’t everyone buy the book after watching the movie?!

I don’t use her recipe anymore because it’s definitely not vegan, but I do have a good vegan recipe for crepes.

I used my crepe recipe, but I used whole wheat flour for the half of the flour.

They turned out awesome!

Well, what else do I need for my strawberry crepe plate?

Here are what I wanted for my plate.

First, homemade vegan butter.

Sweet red beans.

And of course, strawberries.

I happened to find this coconut milk based strawberry ice cream at Trader Joe’s so I decided to add this to my plate as well.

It was finished with a drizzle of salted caramel maple syrup.

I know using beans for dessert may sound a bit strange to westerners, but the combination of butter and sweet red beans is always a winner to me!

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