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Veggie Inari Sushi

Inari Sushi is sushi rice packed in a fried soy-curd pouch.

The soy-curd pouch is cooked already in sweet soy-based sauce, and it is tasty as it is.

But I decided to dress them up a little bit.

But first the rice.

I used brown rice.

I just used whatever the veggies I had in the house.

You can certainly cook the pouches yourself (my mom always did), but it’s easy to use pre-cooked ones, and that’s what I used.

These Inari Sushi were not only pretty but also more nutritional with all the veggies.

I almost feel like I’m creating art!

Since it’s easy to eat, it can be a fun party food as well.

Some people dip it in soy sauce, but these are delicious as they are.

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