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Persimmon Pie

I made these persimmon pies a while ago.

I forgot to post it and then realized that this year is almost over.

Japanese people tend to associate a lot of food with a certain season, and everyone agrees that persimmon is an autumn food.

So I felt I should post this before we go into the next year, although it’s definitely passed the right time for posting it.

It used to be difficult to find persimmon in the U.S., but now you can find it pretty easily.

I got mine at Costco.

Interestingly, the persimmons I buy in the U.S. never have pits inside.

Once they are peeled, it’s easy to dice.

They are tasty fresh, but I made some of them into jam/compote.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to cover the top or not, and they ended up half covered.


The crust was flaky, and the persimmon filling was sweet and soft, but not too soft and still had some nice fresh crunchiness.

Stay warm, everyone.

It seems that it’s going to be below zero as the high temperature for the next few days in Minnesota…

We are definitely getting serious about planning our getaway trip finally.

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