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Soft Omelette Rice

Omelette Rice or “Omurice” is a popular Japanese dish.

As the name suggests, it is fried rice covered with omelette.

When I visited Japan in May, I came back with many vegan cookbooks, and I got an idea from the recipe in this book (Japanese) for the omelette part of my omelette rice.

(My hair is getting long!)

This is a soft scrambled “egg” version, and I really liked it.

(A note for myself: the yellow color from turmeric becomes brighter when cooked.)

The fried rice of the traditional omelette rice is flavored with ketchup.

I happened to be out of ketchup today, and I decided to use store-bought red pasta sauce as a flavor base instead.

The omelette rice is then typically served with a few spoonfuls of ketchup on top, and again, mine was served with red sauce based sauce (I added a few things to the store-bought red sauce like sugar and Japanese worcestershire sauce).

Love my IKEA utensils.

I bought them several years ago, but the more I use, the better they look.

This was SO TASTY!!

I definitely did NOT miss eggs.

And my non-ketchup version took the omelette rice to the next level!

There are so many fun ideas in this book.

I can’t wait to try others!

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