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Breakfast Sandwich

When it comes to breakfast, I have never been so sure of what to do.

I know people always say it’s the most important meal of the day, but I know a lot of people skip breakfast, and I’m usually just not hungry when I get up.

But I’ve been doing some reading about breakfast and general meal time, and I’ve found out that breakfast IS important (duh).

So I’ve started making some changes.

1. Eat breakfast. Actually consume more calories from breakfast than from dinner. It’s okay to eat carbs.
2. Eat dinner early.

I’m not a dietitian, and I’m not saying these are good for everyboey, so these are certainly not any type of recommendations.

But my new meal schedule has been going quite well for me, and I do like how my body feels.

This sandwich was something I recently made for breakfast.

Since there are more hours between the time I finish dinner and the time I get up the next day, I now wake up hungry and am so ready to eat!

So this type of sandwich perfectly makes a great breakfast for me.

Toasted English muffins.

Crunchy tempeh (Tempeh was marinated overnight and then baked. This is delicious!).

Scrambled tofu.

Assembly station.

I’m not a big fan of any processed food, but I’ve been becoming a little more relaxed about vegan cheese lately.

I still don’t eat a lot, but I think it’s okay to enjoy it once in a while.

I’ve tried Provolone and Creamy Original, and they were both pretty good.

I don’t remember which one, but I used one of them for this sandwich.

Breakfast is ready!

I like my sandwich with both mayo and ketchup (I happened to have homemade vegan mayo).

I also like to eat fruit for breakfast; actually I eat fruit pretty much throughout the day.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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