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Kabocha Sushi Roll

Thanksgiving Thursday: Thanksgiving food.

Black Friday: Thanksgiving leftovers, plus freshly made gravy

Saturday: Kabocha Sushi Roll!

Many people are probably eating turkey sandwiches, but when the main cook of the household is Japanese (and vegan), you’ll end up with a sushi roll like this (lol).

And by the third day, I crave for fresh crisp veggies like lettuce and cucumber.

It has been a while since the last time I made sushi rolls, but it’s like riding a bike.

You don’t forget once you master it. (And it’s really not that hard.)


This is how it looked when sliced and plated.

But I wanted to dress it up a little bit.

These are tangy mustard sauce and sweet miso.

Drizzle the sauce like painting a picture.

Cooking is definitely in part art, if you ask me.

Bon Appetit!

Don’t forget a cup of hot green tea.

I didn’t go shopping yesterday (Black Friday), but today I did, and oh boy, did I find things!

I came home with two jackets, a sweater, and a blouse.

They were all 40% off, and I’m super happy with my purchase, although I am planning to stay home tomorrow (so that I won’t spend more money!).

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