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Tomato Mini Sandwiches

These mini pumpkin rolls were great with vegan butter, but they were also wonderful when made into sandwiches.

I absolutely love their orange color.

The main ingredient was these beautiful tomatoes I found at the local grocery store.

These vine tomatoes look so fresh and alive.

I prepared mustard coleslaw.

I like my coleslaw fresh and crunchy, so I always make it right before I’m very close to serving it.

I forgot about their silly faces.

Here is the assembly station.

I’ve been using kosher salt for many years now.

I like its milder taste, and it seems that it makes all the food taste better.

These are simple veggie sandwiches that feature the fresh and juicy tomatoes.

You place avocado first, and tomato, and then the mustard coleslaw.

These are small sandwiches and you can finish one with a few bites.

You can see how small these sandwiches are compared to my hand; I do have big hands (lol).

It can be a perfect light lunch or a healthy snack for kids.

Just looking at this silly “face” always makes me smile.

Have a great start of the week everyone!

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