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Pumpkin Waffles with Pomegranate Seeds

Since we switched to the 95% plant based diet five years ago, I’ve been learning tricks to make our favorite dishes vegan.

I’ve heard about this several times from vegan and non-vegan friends (they know I would be interested in vegan food tricks), but it was hard to believe until I actually tried it.

This is whipped garbanzo bean juice straight out of the can.

I did add a little cream of tartar, but look!

Isn’t it amazing how it looks?

The texture is very much like whipped egg whites, and if that’s what you are going for, this is a wonderful substitute.

Myself, I was expecting something more like whipped heavy cream, so it was a bit disappointing.

I sweetened it with sugar and served it with pumpkin waffles.

Terry really liked it and asked me to make it again when we have waffles next time, but I’m not sure how else I could use this…

I wonder if I can make a souffle with it???

I enjoyed my pumpkin waffles with my usual homemade vegan butter.

This time I only had a bit coarser and darker almond meal to make the butter, so the color and the texture was a bit different, but I actually really liked it as it looked more natural and whole.

Along with the vegan butter, I also sprinkled fresh pomegranate seeds and toasted almond slices, and then drizzled maple syrup.

I really enjoyed the crunchiness and the fresh tartness from the pomegranate.

And I always like some nuts with my waffles.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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