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Matcha Oatmeal

I’m new to the oatmeal scene.

It was not something on my breakfast list for many many years, even after I came to the U.S.

But I started eating oatmeal more, mostly because I realized it’s an easy to prepare “hot” meal.

I mostly like my food/drinks hot rather than cold.

I go for hot coffee vs. iced coffee (even in summer), I’m not a big fan of ice cream or sorbet, and I rather “eat” my fruits than drink them (smoothies).

So now I pour oatmeal in a tall container, sprinkle some dried cranberries, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt, put the lid on, and take it to work, where I pour water and cook it in the microwave oven.

When I went shopping for oatmeal, however, it was a nightmare!

There were so many different kinds, like “steel cut” “old-fashioned”, “quick oats”…

I decided to start with “old-fashioned”.

My plan is to try all different kinds and find out which one is my favorite.

So far I like this “old-fashioned”.

Another reason I started eating oatmeal is that I like the idea of eating something “whole”.

I’ve started eating more brown rice (vs. white rice) and whole wheat pasta (vs. regular pasta) and using whole wheat flour (vs. white flour).

So this fits in my new eating habit well.

It’s Sunday, so I had a little more time to think about toppings.

Since I made my oatmeal Matcha flavored today, I thought dates and toasted almond slices as well as banana slices would be a good match.

Medjool dates have been my recent favorite as well.

I like to keep a few in my purse as they make a wonderful snack when I need something sweet.

Breakfast is ready!

I cooked the oatmeal in the water with Matcha, and then I also sprinkled more Matcha later on top.

I usually don’t have a lot of time to eat breakfast in the office, so it was nice to be able to take my time and really enjoy this hearty meal today.

When I think about it, there is also a major reason I should like oatmeal.

I love Japanese porridge made of rice, and the texture of oatmeal is similar to that of the Japanese porridge.

This is an over-sized mug and it was perfect for oatmeal.

It’s great for soup, too.

I like its organic textured look.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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