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Edamame Hummus Bagel Sandwich

When I bake bagels, I want to make sandwiches with them.

I don’t know why, because it’s not always the case with any bread.

I made this edamame hummus for a potluck lunch at work.

Since I liked it so much that I didn’t take all of it to work, and I kept some for home.

On the edamame hummus spread, I placed cucumber and radish slices and a few basil leaves.

And then I sprinkled some salt.

Keep it simple.

Drizzle a little olive salad; I like the one from Costco (I often use it as “dressing” for my salad).

It made a beautiful lunch plate!

Simple, fresh, and delicious.

This is definitely my kind of sandwich.

I don’t have many plates that feature a work of art like this.

I usually stay away from these plates, because as beautiful as they are, they are not the best when food is placed on.

After all, plates to me are the background which I expect to enhance the look of my food.

But for some reason when I saw these plates at a store I fell in love with them and I had to bring them home, even though I knew I probably would not use them much particularly for my blog photos.

They are designed by Rob Ryan, who is a British artist specializing in paper-cutting and screen-printing, according to wikipedia.

I thought this particular sandwich would look good on this plate, as the nature themes are kind of matching in a way.

I didn’t think much when I put the sandwich on the plate, but because of where the sandwich was placed, it looks almost like representing the tree top.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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