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Kon-Sai Soup

This soul-warming vegetable-packed soup definitely reminds me of home.

Kon-Sai means root vegetables in Japan.

One of the root vegetables in this soup is Daikon radish.

I found this beauty at the local farmers market.

This is called konjac and it’s a popular ingredient of this type of soup.

Konjac is not a root vegetable but it’s a product made of a root vegetable, Konjac potato, and it has a very unique soft texture.

These were the main ingredients that went into the soup: Daikon, konjac, carrots, and Kabocha squash.

And don’t forget the Daikon stalks and leaves.

Many places sell their daikon without stalks/leaves, but if you find one with them, get it.

They are tasty, and I like to add them to the soup at the end.

I ended up with a potful of delicious soup!

This soup is perfect to be part of a healthy and satisfying breakfast.

When I make something like this, I can showcase my Japanese plates and dishes, and I always have fun doing this.

Looks very Japanese, doesn’t it?

A bowl of brown rice with Umeboshi (Japanese salted plum).

Roasted Nori (seaweed sheets) is a must for the traditional Japanese breakfast.

This particular Nori sheets are Korean style and are flavored with sesame oil.

As you can see this soup is packed with vegetables.

It has been unusually warm in Minnesota the last few days.

It was over 90 degrees yesterday, and I was sweating like crazy when I went for a walk in the afternoon (not the best idea).

But I’m not complaining, because we’ll not have this kind of weather for many months…

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