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Bagel Veggie Sandwich
ベーグル べジサンド

This was probably one of the freshest-tasting sandwiches I’ve ever had!

When I made these bagels, I knew I wanted to make a sandwich using the homemade bagel.

When we were traveling through Wisconsin we stopped at a cafe in one of the college towns, and we had an awesome bagel sandwich.

It just had a lot of fresh/raw veggies inside and that really inspired me to make this.

I happened to have these beautiful veggies (I always have a lot of veggies in our fridge, so it was not a surprise), and I either thinly sliced or julienned them.

I also made simple garlic black bean paste.

First spread the garlic black bean paste on bread.

Then veggies.

The beautiful red and white beets were from our friends’ community vegetable garden.

So thankful that they share these beautiful veggies with us.

This is what it looks like before the two parts together.

Isn’t this just beautiful or what?

With this sandwich you can really appreciate each individual vegetable’s flavor.

I only sprinkled salt and I kept it very simple.

I liked this sandwich so much that I made a similar sandwich maybe for several meals after this.

I feel food like this energizes me.

Bagel Veggie Sandwich

1 bagel
garlic black bean paste (black beans from a can; drained and rinsed, 1~2 garlic cloves cooked through in boiling water, sugar, salt, pepper, olive oil)
fresh vegetables, sliced or julienned

1. Make garlic black bean paste. Combine all the ingredients. Puree using a hand blender until smooth.
2. Spread the garlic black bean paste on bagel.
3. Sandwich vegetables. Salt on the vegetables.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Eat your veggies. 🙂

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