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Vanilla Pudding with Banana and Brownie Crumbles

Pudding is not a fancy dessert but I probably like it because of that.

It’s kind of a comfort dessert for me.

And when I found this vegan brownie, this idea of sprinkling brownie crumbles on top of pudding overwhelmingly came over to me.

These Kerr’s jars were the perfect size for my pudding.

It was kind of fun to open the jar like thins because this brings excitement like when you open your present.

In this vanilla pudding you’ll find banana slices and brownie crumbles, and this was tasty!!

I don’t have the recipe for this one, unfortunately (because I’m really not sure of the measurement of each ingredient), but here is a quick note for myself and for others who would like to know what’s in it…

Vanilla Pudding with Banana and Brownie Crumbles

vanilla pudding
– cashew nuts, soaked, and pureed with hand blender until very smooth
– soy milk
– sugar
– corn starch
– salt
– vanilla
banana slices
brownie crumbles

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