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Matcha Toast

A homemade whole wheat toast, Matcha bean paste, melting butter, crunchy walnuts, and sweet maple syrup…

What not to love?!

This is like the king of toast for me.

The bread we eat at home is mostly homemade, simply because it tastes better.

Since we bought the Kitchenaid stand mixer, making bread has become so easy and fun.

My dough is so much smoother than before and this seems to lead to the better result at the end.

This is my 1/3 whole wheat pullman bread, which is usually my go-to flour ratio (1/3 of the flour is whole wheat and 2/3 is bread or all-purpose flour).

This is how to make my Matcha toast.

1. Toast a homemade 1/3 whole wheat bread slice.
2. Spread Matcha flavored sweet bean paste (no recipe).
3. Place pieces of homemade vegan butter and chopped walnuts on top.
4. Drizzle maple syrup (optional).
5. Sprinkle Matcha powder.

This is delicious when the butter is still cold and keeping its shape.

But it’s also delicious when the butter starts melting.

Happy Tuesday evening everyone!

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