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Homemade Vegan Butter

Since we switched to the 100% plant based diet from 95% about two months ago, things have been going very well.

I really don’t miss non-plant food, but there was one thing that I would occasionally wish I could have.


Especially when I have my freshly home-baked bread, I wish I could spread that rich smooth buttery thing, which is basically butter (lol).

I’ve learned that stores sell vegan butter, but I just don’t like the idea of including this type of “processed” food in my new diet.

So when I found Ms. Mel’s Vegan Butter recipe, I jumped on it.

I’m typically a rule-follower (boring, right?), but when it comes to recipes, I’m a bit defiant, and I’m notorious for not following recipes.

However, with this vegan butter recipe, I did.

I followed it very well.

I went shopping with a list specifically for this recipe, and I got all the right ingredients.

You want to know how it turned out?


Absolutely awesome!

It looks like butter, feels like butter, and tastes like butter.

Then we should probably call it butter, right?

Terry said if I didn’t tell him it was vegan, he wouldn’t know.

Thank you, Ms. Mel for this wonderful recipe.

Vegan Butter

Follow this recipe!
*I used almond milk for non-dairy milk. We didn’t taste any strong almond milk in the final product.
*I didn’t use turmeric. I liked the color I ended up with.
*I used a hand blender. It was easy and quick.

Check out my next post where I’ll show you how wonderful this butter is when served with one of my favorite breakfast foods!

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