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Baby Bok Choy Salad with Curry Fig Dressing

I like salad but not evey salad makes me happy.

I’m actually pretty picky when it comes to salad.

It’s hard to describe, but I can say this…

The more ingredients, the better.

The darker colors, the better.

The more variety in texture and flavor, the better.

So when I found this beautiful baby bok choi at a local Asian market, I had to have it because I knew I would love to make salad with these beautifully dark green leaves.

And you know what was even better?

The size.

I love any mini or baby sized vegetables/fruits.

These are absolutely adorable!

These are so pretty that you don’t need (or want) to cut them.

Cherry and mango pieces were sprinkled on top.

Oh, and one more thing.

When served with the more interesting dressing, the better!

So I decided to serve this salad with curry fig dressing.

When we were at a grocery store the other day, a lady was handing out “curry fig dressing” samples for tasting.

I didn’t try it, but the combination intrigued me.

So here is my easy homemade curry fig dressing.

I happened to have dried figs at home so I didn’t even have to go shopping to make this.

Baby Bok Choy Salad with Curry Fig Dressing

2 cups baby bok choy
1/2 cup chopped mango
1/3 cup chopped cherries
curry fig dressing
– 2 tablespoons dried fig
– 2 tablespoon white vinegar
– 1 tablespoon canola oil
– curry powder
– salt and pepper

1. Make dressing. Combine ingredients. Puree with a hand blender until smooth.
2. Place baby bok choy on a plate. Sprinkle chopped mango and cherries.
3. Serve with the dressing.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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