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Turmeric Tofu Pad Thai

I have to say I probably like any type of noodle dish.

If there are noodles in my bowl, I’ll eat it.

I grew up eating lots of fried noodles in Japan, but when I first had Pad Thai (in the US), I fell in love with its unique flavor.

So when I got these beautiful fresh bean sprouts at the local farmers market, I knew that was what I wanted to make.

I was probably a bit too excited, because I ended up with so much; later I realized it was no problem finishing it in a few days.

It’s not a fancy dish, but it’s a great meal for me.

Lots of veggies and again the sweet and tangy flavor combination is so good.

Squeeze fresh lime right before having your first bite.

You can share it with someone.

Or you can keep it all to yourself, too.

You usually serve with peanuts, but I didn’t have any peanuts, so I used macadamia nuts, which was perfectly fine.

Happy Tuesday evening, everyone!

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