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Lemon Lime Avo Ice Cream

I made this ice cream a few weeks ago and forgot to post it.

It’s getting a bit cooler here in Minnesota, and I thought I should post it before fall arrives!

The motivation for making this ice cream came from a large bag of lemons I bought.

I needed a lemon for something, but when I saw a large bag of a half dozen lemons priced for less than the double the price of ONE lemon at another store, I had to pick the large bag.

So I needed to make something to use them.

The problem was that I used avocado as a base, so it’s naturally green colored.

I quickly realized that I couldn’t call it “lemon” ice cream when it was so green like Green Giant!

So I decided to call “lime lemon ice cream”, and if I called it that, I had to add lime juice, so I did (no picture, but trust me there is fresh lime juice in this).

Like the other avo ice cream I made, the texture is absolutely amazing!

Super creamy and very satisfying.

Lime Lemon Avo Ice Cream: 2 avocados, lemon juice, lime juice, sugar

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