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Pink Grapefruit-Nigori Sake Granita

What’s more refreshing than granita?!

Almost any fruit makes great granita, but one of my favorites is grapefruit.

I thought it would be fun to make granita for adults, and this time grapefruit was paired up with nigori-sake.

I’m not much of a drinker, and although I’m from Japan, sake was always one of my least favorite alcohol beverages.

That changed when I tried this “Sayuri” nigori-sake that I found at Costco.

Nigori-sake is a type of sake that is unfiltered and the appearance is milky or cloudy, unlike the regular sake which is clear.

“Sayuri” has rich sake flavor and mild  sweetness, which I really like.

So I was so excited about how this granita would turn out.

Just out of the freezer.

The light pink color is very pretty.

This was absolutely delicious as well as refreshing!

A sophisticated summer dessert for adults. Anyone?

Grapefruit Nigori-Sake Granita

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