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7-Course Vegan Dinner

Terry and I just had a wonderful vegan course dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, Tongue in Cheek.

It was Terry’s birthday dinner, and I wanted to take him there because they have a vegan entree as well as a herbivore tasting menu.

When we called and asked about the herbivore tasting menu, they told us that it is “vegetarian” and not “vegan”.

We were okay with that because we thought we would just have the vegan entree.

Surprisingly, when we were seated at our reserved seat right by a window as we requested, our server told us that the chef was willing to make a “vegan” course dinner for us.

We were ecstatic!

1. Blueberry Sphere with peanuts and basil.

2. Watermelon with avocado and stone fruit.

3. Zucchini “Linguine” Salad.

4. Grilled Flatbread with peashoots and kale.

This was my favorite.

Absolutely delicious!!

5. Corn Risotto.

Terry really like it.

6. Watermelon Granita.

7. Pressed Pineapple and Rum.

Everything was great and more than anything it was so fun that we get to have our first vegan course meal.

Thank you to the chef for creating the vegan menu!

The staff were all wonderful, too.

We’ll definitely come back.

I can’t wait to try their other vegan creations.

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