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Vanilla Rum Nice Cream

My first time making nice cream!

It’s getting really warm in Minnesota and I though it was time.

It was so smooth.

Thanks to my trusted Vitamix.

My first nice cream was flavored with rum and vanilla.

One thing I learned is that nice cream melts really fast.

This is a tough one to take pictures of!

The other day we were at one of my favorite home decor stores in Minneapolis, The Foundry Home Goods.

The store is not large, but I love their selection.

While we were there, Terry and I both spotted something really cool.

Can you guess what it was from those pictures above?

Well, here is the hint.

It happens to have the same color as my vanilla rum nice cream.

A vintage fan!

Since we liked it so much, Terry ordered one on Amazon with his phone while we were still at the store! (The one in the store was not for sale.)

It was delivered in a few days.

You’ve got to love amazon.

You can tell it’s well made.

Now I have two things that help me stay cool, nice cream and a fan.

Vanilla Rum Nice Cream

3 banana, cut into small pieces and frozen overnight
vanilla extract

1. Puree frozen banana in a blender.
2. Add rum and vanilla little by little until it achieves preferred taste.
3. Continue to puree until smooth and creamy.

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