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Avocado Toast Sticks

Always love avocado toast.

But when I visited The Lynhall and had their beautiful open brioche sandwich, I was so inspired to make my avocado toast pretty and colorful!

I happened to have beautiful fruit and veggies already in my house, and all I needed to do was to gather them.

I used my homemade 1/3 whole wheat bread.

Aren’t these pretty?

The two on the left are a veggie version, and the two on the right are a fruit version.

The sticks were so good that I decided to make one more toast with everything on top!

Absolutely delicious!

When you make something like this you realize that food can be pretty and tasty at the same time.

And in this case you really feel the power and the beauty of plant-based food.

Avocado Toast Sticks

2 whole wheat bread toasted, cut into thick sticks
1~2 avocado sliced
-veggie version: I used lightly pickled carrot and radish, pickled rhubarb, Renkon lotus slices (braised in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and vinegar), “Asian Greens” from Fresh Thyme, dill, and chive.
-fruit version: I used Angel white apricot, cherries, strawberries, grapes, mint, and “Asian Greens” from Fresh Thyme.

1. Place avocado slices on toasts. Sprinkle salt.
2. Place veggies and fruit on top.

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