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Veggie Omelette Rice

Omelette Rice or “Ome-Rice” in Japanese is a popular dish in Japan.

This is not a restaurant dish but something your mom would quickly put together for your lunch without going grocery shopping.

Basically it’s fried rice covered with thinly cooked crepe-like omelette.

It’s often served with ketchup or rich gravy.

My omelette was made of NOT eggs but a couple of vegetables.

The recipe is from this vegan cookbook that I bought while visiting Japan in May.

It’s really brilliant that you take advantage of the color and the texture of certain vegetables to create this beautiful omelette.

It was so good and so satisfying!

I made mushroom gravy to go with this omelette rice, and it was just perfect!

The gravy has some secret ingredients, like red wine and dark Hacho miso (ooops, I guess they are not secret anymore!).

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