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Coconut Jello

I always liked gelatin dessert, especially on a hot summer day, because it’s so refreshing.

But since I found out what gelatin is really made of, I have lost interest in it.

(Well it was an understatement. I was shocked. Who knew?)

Luckily I have found a way to make jello-like dessert and fit it into our 95% plant-based diet.

This beautiful coconut jello was made from coconut milk, sugar, and “kanten” (or called “agar agar” in the United States.

Kanten is made from some type of seaweed and it’s a popular ingredient to make this type of dessert in Japan.

Some people seem to worry about possible seaweed smell, but I never noticed any smell in the Kanten I use.

I dressed up the coconut jello with Japanese Dango balls as well as kiwi, mango, and grapes.

This one was made even more pretty with the beautiful pink rhubarb jam.

It was also delicious when served with maple syrup.

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