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Raspberry Dango Balls

I talked about Dango balls in this post, and that is typically a traditional way to eat them.

This time I decided to stuff balls with sweet bean paste.

It’s also a popular way to enjoy them.

Some people who are familiar with Japanese sweets probably know red bean paste.

This time I decided to use white bean paste.

White bean paste is also a popular ingredient for traditional Japanese sweets.

Unlike red bean paste, white bean pasts is harder to find at stores (even at Asian grocery stores), so I decided to make it myself.

It’s not difficult to make, but you have to take the skin off the beans and it is a tedious job.

This was the mountain of the bean skin when I was finally done with the process.

This time I decided to flavor some of the paste with raspberry powder (ground freeze-dried raspberries).

This is a white Dango ball stuffed with raspberry bean paste.

And this is a raspberry ball stuffed with plain white bean paste.

They were both so good.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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