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Shiratama Dango Balls

Shiratama Dango balls are one of traditional Japanese sweets/snacks, and these are tasty!

These have a nice sticky texture, but they are not as sticky as mochi.

I made regular (white) and Matcha (green) balls.

This time I enjoyed them with molasses and Kinako (roasted soy beans) powder.

This is one of the traditional ways to eat shiratama dango balls.

We use “kuro-mitsu” (or black sugar syrup) in Japan, and I think molasses is probably the closest to it.

Kinako powder has become one of my favorite things lately, and I had to bring a bag home from Japan last month.

It’s interesting that most traditional Japanese sweets are vegan and they do not contain any dairy products.

That’s probably because dairy was not a big business in Japan for many many years.

Then at the same time I realize there are so many delicious and satisfying non-dairy desserts to enjoy!

To make these Shiratama Dango balls I used “Shiratama” flour.

I added water to the flour (follow the directions on the “Shiratama” flour package), formed balls, cooked them in boiling water for a minute, and then cooled them in ice water.

I found the flour in the Japanese food section inside a large Asian grocery store in Minneapolis, but I’ve heard that you can also use “glutinous rice flour”.

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  1. Linn wrote:

    Your recipe for dango sounds interesting but doesn’t indicate the quantities of flour and water.

    Monday, June 19, 2017 at 12:15 pm | Permalink
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