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Pickled Rhubarb

I’m a big public radio fan.

Whenever I’m in a mood for listening to the radio, I go straight to 91.1.

They are informative and interesting.

You have no idea how many times Terry has heard me saying “… so get this…  I heard this on the public radio today…”.

And I’m proud to say that I’m a member of MPR (Minnesota Public Radio).

Last week I was listening to MPR in my car as usual driving home from work, and they had one of my favorite shows on, called “Appetites”.

They invite a guest every week and talk about the food scene in the Twin Cities.

The guest from last week talked about how to make pickled rhubarb, and that caught my attention.


Well, because 1) I love rhubarb, 2) I happened to have just gotten a bunch of beautiful rhubarb from my sister-in-law, 3) I’m always looking for interesting rhubarb recipes, and 4) REALLY, who pickles rhubarb?!

First, I went to buy jars.

I had a hard time deciding between Kerr and Anchor, but I went for Kerr because of its wide mouth and the lettering on the glass which I think gives a cool vintage look.

I get all the ingredients ready.

They go into jars one by one.


Here is the link to the recipe.

I used 3 cups of rhubarb, and that ended up in four half-pint jars.

As a result, I needed more marinade, so I added 50% as well as additional mint sprig and lime zest bands.

The only thing in the recipe I didn’t do is the canning process, so this is not canned but “marinated”.

The pickles were ready in a few hours (the truth was I couldn’t wait any longer).

I was so curious.

So I tasted it.

And it was great!

The combination of cool (mint) and hot (chili) is so interesting and wonderful, and it goes so well with the sweet and tangy rhubarb.

I’ve never thought of biting into crunchy rhubarb, but it absolutely works!

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