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So-Zai Bread with Corn

We were in Japan for two weeks, but we visited so many cities and we didn’t have a lot of time to spend at my parents’ house, but when we did, I had a great time shopping, lunching, and cooking with my mother.

My mother is not only a great cook but also a great baker, and she has made so many different kinds of bread over the years.

This type of savory bread that is typically enjoyed as a meal is called “So-Zai” bread in Japan.

So-Zai means “deli” food.

My mom makes her So-Zai bread typically with corn, tuna, ham, or sausage.

When my mother and I had one morning open, we decided to make this together, and they were as tasty as I remembered.

Last weekend I decided to make them again, this time by myself.

I didn’t want to wait too long because I didn’t want to forget how my mom made them.

The recipe for the bread is mostly the same as my mother’s, but I substituted 1/3 of the bread flour with whole wheat flour, per my husband’s request.

I wasn’t sure about this change, but it turned out just fine, and I actually enjoyed the taste and the color created by the whole wheat flour.

This is how they looked right before going into the oven.

My mother makes her corn version with simple corn salad (corn, onion, mayo, parsley), but my husband and I decided to add some few other things, such as cheese (Parmesan, cheddar) and curry powder.

I also made mayonnaise myself; simply because we usually do not keep store-bought mayo in our house.

They were perfectly baked!

Don’t they look tasty?!

You can make a little care package if you have a disposable container like this; I found this at a 100-yen shop in Japan.

As I wrote a few days ago, there are so many cool things found at 100-yen shops.

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